((LIVE)) Tracking

((LIVE)) Tracking via SpotWalla

This is the live tracking map for our journey. We hit the road on April 18th and tracking locations should be updated every 10 to 15 minutes as we ride so you can follow along.

You can also view the map at My SpotWalla or My SpotAdventures pages.

Change ‘% Fill’ to change the percentage of tracks and messages displayed on the map. (the more the better)

Make up my route and tracks.

Are my camp sites & OK check-in messages.

9 thoughts on “((LIVE)) Tracking

  1. Been watching every evening and was so glad you got things posted today. Take your time, enjoy the trip and get there and back safely. Very proud of you. Joann

  2. I am so happy that you guys are doing this. How exciting and what an adventure. Enjoy every minute of every day. HUGS!

  3. Sorry to see you guys missed the 2 PM Fort Morgan Ferry. Looks like it was close. I have been following your adventure closely and have been enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work and enjoy yourselves.

    Jerry Reiter

    • Hi Jerry! Thanks for following the blog. I’ll make sure Chuck gets your comments.
      You’re right, they did miss the 2pm ferry, but Chuck just called and said that they’re waiting for the 2:45 right now. He also said they got stuck in the rain and are soaking wet, but that today has been the best ride yet – a TAILWIND for a change.

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